jeudi 19 février 2015

Positive thinking is really starting to work wonders with me

Yesterday, I was about to write down the little blessings of my day when I suddenly realized that, above all, I really wanted to list all the aggravations that could have spoiled that beautiful, sunny Wednesday for me:
- it all started with a work-related email that usually would have totally upset me. 
- it went ont with the laundry; if there's one thing I hate when I do the laundry, it's finding tiny pieces of paper tissue all over the  freshly washed clothes because someone forgot to take it out of one's pocket. (And in this case, it was me. Even more aggravating, right?) 
- it culminated with a failed appointment to visit a new house. The real estate agent simply stood us up. That wasn't very cool for my husband who had left his job early to be there. 

Back in the day, I probably would have fret all day because of my work and it would have been the first thing out of my mouth when my husband came home (before a "hello" and a "how was your day?"). But yesterday, I only talked about it an hour later, because we were waiting for that real estate agent and it was as good a subject as any to kill time. Also, about that work issue, I'm none too happy about it, but I'm not upset as I might have been when I wasn't practicing positive thinking. It didn't prevent me from enjoying my day, having a lovely lunch with the kids and happily watching them play outside all afternoon. I did what I had to, I answered that email and decided to put it out of my mind until I got an answer. I translated the number of pages I had to do (from a great novel I'm dying to talk about), I meditated in the sun and I (calmly) picked up all the tiny bits of paper so I could hang out the laundry.

I'm stressing the fact that I kept my cool because, usually, I would have been mad. But then, it would have changed nothing. Cool or mad, I still would have had to pick up those damn paper pieces, right? The only difference is that I got to quickly move on to something else whereas I could have chewed over this for a while and it would have put a damper on my day. Same thing with the real estate agent who stood us up: it allowed us to come home early and cook a good vegetable soup we all enjoyed very much.

I've been trying to see the half-full glass for almost two years now. But it's the first time, I think, that these efforts lead to a truly serene state. I managed to put what I learned in January to good effect. I visualized the lake that represents my emotions and I saw how easily I could have dived in to let my anger and my fears run free. But once again I realized that, in fact, I stood on the shore and not in the middle of the lake. I was calm and chose to remain so.

It wasn't always easy because my mind was very busy and kept trying to get back to the issues at hand. But I used every trick I've learned through meditation and I managed to quiet these angry thoughts. I went to take a shower and I watched the sun light up the drops falling down to my feet. I would have liked to have a camera at hand to capture that iridescent beauty! This is definitely one of the blessings of the day.

But the biggest blessing of all is the fact that positive thinking really changed me and gave me an incredible freedom, the freedom to say no, I won't be the victim of my emotions anymore. Yesterday I really put things into perspective and it allowed me to spend some truly great moments with my kids, my husband and, more importantly perhaps, myself. It probably won't be like this every day, I know it's kind of a neverending fight, but still, yesterday, I was really proud of myself. 

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