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#megababemission January 2015 - declaration of friendship

#megababemission Positive Thinking Gala Darling

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As you know, I loved doing Gala Darling's #lovetober Instagram challenge last October. It definitely contributed to that month being one of the very best of 2014 for me. It encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and take different pictures, more creative and more fun. (Writing this I realize I may have lost that perspective since then and I should really get back into it!)

Anyway, when I learned Gala was launching a new challenge that will run for all of 2015 (remember, I introduced it to you in the Treasures of the Blogosphere, my weekly "best of" post), I was very excited. #megababemission is all about encouraging us to do something good for us and for other people. It's both an exercise in positive thinking and a gentle kick in the butt to remind us not to take things and people for granted. Gala will give us a new prompt every month but I can tell you she started things off with a bang since she's asking us to write to ten friends to tell them what we love about them.

Honestly, when I found out about this prompt, I suddenly was less than excited. I even thought for a while that I wasn't gonna do it and that I would start the challenge with February's prompt. I couldn't picture myself writing such personal things to my friends because I was very withdrawn at the time. It was back at the beginning of January. The holidays had been a disaster and I felt very depressed. I didn't want to open up to other people, I wanted to curl up in bed and forget about the world. 

And then... and then, I don't know, something clicked, I took out my pretty postcards collection and started writing quite naturally, in pretty much the same way I wrote my season greetings cards back in December, even tough I usually hate that. (Seriously people. Usually, you have to bind me to a chair to make me write those damn cards. Even bribing me with chocolate doesn't do the trick sometimes. And yet, in 2014, I wrote those cards quite spontaneously, with all my heart. Positive thinking really changes you!) So, in the end, it turned out to be a great first #megababemission! And it had quite an impact on me as it made me realize (as it did when I wrote my Christmas cards) how lucky I am to have all these people in my life. We laugh, we cry, we sing, we drink together and we make the world a better place whenever we are together.  

So I encourage you, I truly do, to take some time to write to one or ten of your friends just to tell them you're around and you love them. Because together we are stronger. 

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